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Ravelry Help: How to Share a Project to a Ravelry Thread

Last week we walked through adding a new project to Ravelry. Continuing with the Ravelry help theme, today we will post photos from that project to a Ravelry thread. This is a common requirement for KALs (Knit-a-longs) and CALs (Crochet-a-longs), but it’s also fun to just share your photos with your online friends!

To start with, we will assume that you have logged in to Ravelry, and are in a thread (maybe it’s something like this. You can see that one of the requirements is to post homework to that Ravelry “thread.” A thread is a series of comments by various people all related to a certain topic – in this case the thread is named [IKD Challenge] – Step 1 Homework).

When you get to the bottom of the screen, after all the comments so far, you’ll see a button that says “Reply to Thread” in the bottom right hand corner. Click on that button to add your comment.

Pro tip: You can also click “reply” to a specific person’s post. This is very helpful when you’re answering a question or commenting on their project. However, it’s considered somewhat rude to reply to a specific post when you’reΒ  not talking specifically to that person. Scroll down and use the “reply to thread” button when appropriate!

When you click Reply to Thread (or reply), a text box will appear:

Click on the little icon that looks a bit like a Polaroid photo, then click on “Choose project or stash photo” (highlighted in green above).

This will result in another screen to pop up: You should see thumbnails of all your project photos. Click on the photo you want to use.

Now just the photo you want to add will be visible in the pop up window. Click on the “use this photo” button to add the photo to your post.

At this point your photo will just look like a bunch of code, but trust me, it really is a photo! (see the top paragraph). You can write something about your photo above or below that code, then press “post reply.”

Your photo is now included in the Ravelry thread! Way to go! I bet you’ll win that prize now πŸ™‚


Need a reminder of how to add a project to Ravelry? Visit that post here.

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