Knitting Bingo cards

Knitting BINGO!

Last week I took a sock knitting class at my LYS, and the instructor introduced me to a new idea: Knitting BINGO! Anyone can make their own BINGO card – a 5×5 grid, 3×3, whatever works for you. You put a goal in each square of the grid, such as knit a hat, use stash yarn, or learn a new technique. Sylvia, the sock class instructor, made a beautiful “card” on fabric, and she’s embroidering each square as she completes it! Check it out here on Instagram.Free Knitting Bingo Card

I decided to go a more computer-y route – I used Excel to create my grid, then added cute graphics. My Bingo card with my goals for this year is on the right. You can also see the half-a-sock progress that I’ve made towards my goals!  (Sadly, no, that’s not stash yarn. I bought it just for this knitting project).

You can see some of my goals for this year include some new techniques, some social pushes (like actually *completing* a Knit-a-long), and a few different types of projects. I also want to enter my knitting in the local fair, and submit a pattern to a publication!

As I was making my card, though, I kept coming up with different ideas for different peoples’ cards. So I put together a few extra knitting BINGO cards! You can download them for your own use, or use them as inspiration to make your own.

The download includes:
  • Two fairly general BINGO cards
  • Colour Lover’s card
  • Fibre Explorer’s card
  • Shawl Lover’s card
  • Sock Lover’s card
  • My BINGO card
  • Blank BINGO card
  • A document that includes the rules of knitting BINGO, as well as a list of prompts with explanations
Do you think you’d enjoy knitting BINGO? I’d love it if you joined me!

Fill out the form below to download your free knitting BINGO cards. My email server doesn’t allow downloads, so you’ll have to check your email for the link AND a password. Follow the link, enter the password, then download a zip file with the 8 cards and instructions. Not sure what to do with a zip file? On newer computers you should be able to simply double click on the zip file – move the files inside the folder to a new location on your computer, and use them as usual!

Then tag me on Instagram with @KnitaBitofWhimsy or  #KnitaBitofWhimsy, or join my Facebook group so I can see your progress, and share your photos with the world!

Knitting Bingo cards

Free download of knitting bingo cards

Knitting bingo free download
  1. Hi Sarah, the link to the file results with ‘oops, that page can’t be found.’
    Are these still available? I would love to see them, perhaps my knitting guild will have bingo!

    1. Oh no! I’ll have to fix that 🤔 In the meantime, send me an e-mail to and I’ll send it to you directly! (Sorry about the billion steps to get a simple download 😉)

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