Country Girl support page

Tutorials to help you get through the Country Girl cowlette! This page is a work-in-progress – please let me know ( if you need a hand right away!

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The Central Double Decrease (CDD) is used in the first four rounds of the Country Girl Bandana Cowl. This stitch is used to form the centre peak of the bandana shaping.
The left cable stitch. You will first run into this stitch on round 5. It is based on the criss-cross knitting stitch, but differentiated so that we can work the criss cross pattern both flat (in the short-row sections), and in the round.
The right cable stitch (RC). This stitch occurs first in round 6. Remember to “offset” your LC and RC stitches to get that basketweave look! This is accomplished by the K1 at the beginning of round 6.
A longer video showing the LC stitch, what to do when you run into a stitch marker in the middle of one of your pairs of stitches, and how to work the short rows, including how to do the T&T (twin and turn) short row method.