ConvertKit’s Landing Page Challenge

Note: this post contains affiliate links. It doesn’t affect your use of this site, or the amount you pay if you decide to sign up with ConvertKit. However, if you sign up for a paid plan using my link, I get a small commission.

Landing Page Challenge from ConvertKit. "Grow your email list. Win $5000." Click the image to get all the information.

A lot goes in to running a small business. Of course you need the idea and/or product to sell. But you also need to let people know it exists! And that’s where marketing comes in. You might share your items on Facebook or Instagram. If you sell a fibre-related product, you might buy add space on Ravelry. And you just might have an email list or newsletter. As a small business owner, your email list is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. Facebook might crash, and Instagram might decide to close its doors, but your email list is YOURS. (Just make sure you download a csv copy of your list on a regular basis in case your email provider decides to close their doors!).

For some reason an email list and/or landing page is something that is intimidating to a lot of new business owners. We don’t know how to set it up, what program to use, or what we’d DO with these email addresses once we have them. So we post a few things on Instagram, and hope for the best. But it’s really very simple to get started! Here’s how I started out.

My first email service provider was MadMimi. At the time they allowed you to do a few things on their free tier that MailChimp didn’t (a series of emails was the main thing I was looking for), so that’s the route I took. However last summer I was getting close to the point where I was going to have to start paying for MadMimi, so I thought I’d take a look at my options.

There are many options, of course, but that’s when I stumbled upon Creator Pass by ConvertKit. ConvertKit’s regular plans seemed like a big jump up from free, especially when I could just upgrade my MadMimi account for $10/month! But Creator Pass is designed specifically with new creative businesses in mind. It is $199 for the year (so not a lot more than MadMimi) and they have a TON of resources available for starting and growing your email list, including a weekly live group call where you can get your questions answered! I believe the price goes up after your first year, but I figured I’d try the first year, get the knowledge (your access to the information never goes away, either!), then decide what to do after that!

So right now I’m still in the “trying it out” phase. My Creator Pass rate goes until August, so I guess I have 5 more months to get my email list to a place where it will pay for itself! 😉

And the reason I’m writing this post today instead of next month, or whenever I got around to it, is because Creator Pass has a Landing Page challenge coming up!

I’m treating this as a great motivator to get a new idea I have up and running 😉 You can get all the information from their website (, but the general idea is that you create a landing page using convert kit, then grow your email list for the month of April 2019 (using that landing page). I figure even if I don’t win an official prize, a bigger and better email list is a win in-and-of-itself!

  • The grand prize (for someone who gains 100 new subscribers to their email list) is:
    • $5,000 cash prize
    • 1 year quarterly coaching with an account manager = $1,000 est.
    • One year of 1k CK for free
    • Announced as our winner to full audience (exposure! 🤩)
  • It’s a free challenge, and if you want to use a trial version of ConvertKit, the trial will last until the challenge is over!
    • You can set up your landing page today, and your free trial will continue throughout the challenge.
    • if you are already on a free trial, or have used your free trial in the past, just sign up for the challenge and contact ConvertKit – they’ll get you going.
    • Note that only new subscribers between April 1-30, 2019 count in the contest, so feel free to set your landing page up now, but don’t start really pushing it until April 1.
  • There will be 5 live webinars throughout the challenge to teach each step of list growth (opt-in creation, building the landing page, and promotion)
    • (actually, the first one already happened, and the replay is up for you to watch!)
  • You must use a ConvertKit landing page in order to win

I think that’s most of the important information 😉 Are you in? I’ve got an idea for a Kitchener Stitch help card that I think will be *super* helpful for knitters – gotta get that Landing page up and running now!

If you have any questions, please let me know below. And I’d also love to know if you’ll be joining me for the challenge 😁