Branching out …

Where do you shop for patterns? It seems like there are SO many options out there. I started of selling my knitting on Etsy, so I still offer patterns on there, and I think *most* designers have a presence on Ravelry!

With the drama surrounding Making Things, I admit, I was hesitant to announce that I was posting my patterns somewhere new. (And no, it’s not Making Things, and no, I won’t be discussing the drama 😉 ). While the subscription format doesn’t work for the way I knit (yes, I used to buy the previously viewed movies from Blockbuster, too), I think it’s probably a great option for a lot of people, so let the people have choices!

Swatch Warriors ( is a new curated site that offers a few of my patterns. What does curated mean? Well, it’s supposed to have that younger, modern, “not your grandma’s knitting” vibe. Yep, that means Shawn’s Hat didn’t make the cut! 😉  But you can see the patterns that have been listed so far here

Looking through Swatch Warriors is more like looking through your instagram feed than like looking at a pattern store. The photography is beautiful, and the patterns are specifically chosen for their contemporary designs. There are SO many beautiful patterns on this site!

TLDR … where can you find me?

  • – You can always find me right here!
  • Swatch Warriors – as discussed above
  • Ravelry – I think this will always be my main pattern portal. It’s set up just for patterns and fibery goodness, and when you have a slow month, you don’t have to pay *any* fees!
  • Etsy – honestly, I don’t know if I’ll stay on Etsy indefinitely. I’ve always found that you need to drive traffic to Etsy for it to be successful, and I’d rather promote my Ravelry store than my Etsy shop. So if you’re an Etsy shopper and want me to keep a presence on there, please let me know!
  • Love Knitting – I feel like this is the “big box store” of knitting patterns 😂 But it doesn’t cost anything to list a pattern, so why not, right? Plus, if you need to pick up yarn to go with a pattern, they have a great selection!

Did I miss any great venues? I know there are more out there! Let me know what your favourites are in the comments below 👇