The story behind the Barents Hat and cowl set

Barents Hat and Cowl

You may have recently read about my disappointment when I realized the cowl I designed had already been invented. However I really loved it, and I loved the stitch pattern, too, so I figured a hat with the same stitch was in order!

Barents Hat & Cowl knitting pattern

When I received this yarn from The Fibre Co. … well, first I couldn’t stop petting it 😉 But when I stopped and read the colorway names (Blue Lagoon and Barents Sea), I totally pictured a cowl with icy waves and whitecaps, and jaggedy, unforgiving landscapes. I tried a two-color cowl, but I wasn’t entirely happy with how that turned out. The hat, however … I LOVE how the hat turned out in both colors!!! I might love it even more than the cowl! It totally reminds me of the icy Barents sea:

Icy Barents sea


I’ve got to write up the hat, then decide if I’ll do anything with the cowl … so keep your eyes out for another call for test knitters!



PS, do you love this hat? I’ll be looking for test knitters soon! Join my Test Knitter mailing list to be the first to hear the call for testers 💙

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