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Back to Reality …

We’re now well into September, and as a mom (and an eternal student at heart), that means back into a routine. With the kids at school, I can finally focus on a task for a solid couple of hours without having to break up fights or feed someone 😉 

All Angles mittens by Knit a Bit of Whimsy

And do you know what else that means? I’m making progress on things!

My “All Angles” mittens have been tech edited and are out with the test knitters now. I’ve gotta say, the first few pictures are looking pretty fine 🙂

I’m also making progress on a new design! Artesanitarium is hosting a designer challenge this fall, and my design has to be done, and ready for tech editing and testing by October 1, with a release date of October 29!

I joined so that I would have a deadline, and some extra motivation to actually write down the pattern in a timely manner. As I mentioned to my husband a while ago, all my deadlines are self-imposed now, and while I LOVE designing patterns, writing them down is less exciting, so I put it off. Sometimes to the point where I forget what *exactly* I did, and I have to re-knit the project to be able to write up good instructions!

Upcoming design by knit a bit of whimsy

That’s a small peek at the potential design. I’m especially loving the colourway – it’s “Foxes in Snow” by Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works. <3 

Santa's Li'l Helper by Knit a Bit of Whimsy

And this Little Elf pattern has been waiting patiently to be released for literally years. I designed it just as I was wrapping up my “selling things on Etsy” phase. I’ve got the barest of notes, but the poor (adorable) thing really does deserve to be released into the world!

So that’s where I’m at at the end of summer. I didn’t get a lot done business-wise, but we had fun camping and playing. And now that school is back, there are SO many new ideas to implement!

Happy knitting,