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Shawn’s Double Knit Hat KAL

Today is the day that we’re casting on for the Shawn’s Double Knit Hat knit-a-long! May the 4th be with you as we take this journey into a new knitting technique 🤓😉

Shawn’s Double Knit Hat – pattern & kit available from Morehouse Merino Farm

I just finished up a livestream over on Facebook that covered the recommended cast on (German Twisted Cast On), plus a tip for joining in the round! You will need to be a member of the Morehouse Merino Flock (Facebook group) in order to watch the video since that’s where I went live, but they’re a friendly bunch! 🙂

To join in the fun, just grab the pattern off Ravelry, or the whole kit from Morehouse Merino! Then join us in the Morehouse group on Facebook, the Knit a Bit of Whimsy Ravelry group, or share your progress on Instagram using hashtag #KBWKAL

The Basics of Double Knitting

Double Knitting can appear daunting at first, but once you dive in, I think you’ll find it’s not as hard as it sounds! Garments made using the double knitting technique tend to be thicker and warmer than those created with regular knitting because they’re made of two layers.

The idea behind double knitting is that you are creating two layers of fabric at the same time – one is created at the back of your work, and one is created at the front. These stitches are worked in pairs.  Each ‘pair’ consists of the front layer stitch and the back layer stitch, typically in two different colours.

Image of Double knitting pattern: Shawn's hat