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Gift Ideas for Knitters

I don’t know about you, but some people in my family seem to think I’m hard to buy for. Maybe they don’t know where my LYS (Local Yarn Store) is? I’ve heard rumours they think I have enough yarn, maybe they don’t want to feed the habit? I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but in case your family is like mine, here are a few gift ideas for knitters.

And let me know what’s on your list in the comments below! I could use a few new ideas 😉

Price Guide:

$1 – $25:      

$26 – $100: 

over $100:  

1. Gift card to your LYS (Local Yarn Shop) – I know, it’s the obvious one. But it’s also a great option. They come in every price point, and I can guarantee your knitter will be pleased.


A gift card is always a good gift idea for knitters!
This is my LYS – I recommend you find out which is closest to your knitter

2. A set of Lykke needles –  Lykke means “Happiness” in Norwegian, and that couldn’t be more true. These are some of the most beautiful (and often hard-to-come-by) needles around. They’re made from birch driftwood, and come in a wide variety of styles including DPNs, interchangeables, and even crochet hooks! (Don’t worry, your knitter knows what all that means.) I personally have my eye on the small DPN set, since I’ve already got a super awesome interchangeable set (another good gift option!) 

A fancy set of needles is a great splurge item for knitters. Make sure you find out which set your knitter would prefer.
Aren’t they pretty? Source

3. Pretty scissors – I know I’m not the only knitter who loves pretty things. There are many options for “Vintage Style” scissors these days – you can find them everywhere from Amazon to 

A great gift idea for knitters is a pretty, but practical accessory, like vintage-looking scissors!


4. Memberships – there are many cool memberships out there for “Yarnpreneurs.” If your knitter is working on turning her hobby into her career (or if she’s already in the process), a membership into one of these clubs might be extremely valuable (and you’ll get all the brownie points). Babs from Yarn Academy describes it this way:  “Yarn Academy gives you tools to showcase your amazing skills for your clients. Allowing you to focus on the content while WE take care of the boring techie stuff. Just imagine being free to get on with the fun of sharing your creative skills and, more importantly, epically growing your business.”

A few options I personally love are:

Monthly fees for these groups is between   to  


5. Pretty knitting accessories, like stitch markers, tote bags, swatch & needle gauges … Etsy is your friend for this one. But remember to shop early – handmade items take time to make! 

Knitters tend to lose things like stitch markers, so a pretty new set makes a great gift!

6. A winding station kit – This makes life easier on your knitter … especially if she is the type to buy expensive hanks of yarn that require winding into a ball before she can knit with them. If you have ever spent an evening with yarn wrapped around your hands while your knitter winds it carefully into a ball, you know you need one of these

Another great gift idea for knitters: A swift and ball winder!

7. Magazine Subscription – my mom is a great one for giving magazine subscriptions. It’s great because you can find one for almost any niche you can think of, and the recipient gets a gift all year long! I’m subscribed to PLY magazine (thanks mom!!!) because I’m also interested in spinning, but your knitter might prefer something like pom pom or Amirisu on the fancy (and pricey!) end of things, or magazines like Knit Simple or Vogue Knitting at the more affordable end of the spectrum   to   

A subscription to a magazine makes a great gift for knitters!


8. Yarn advent calendar – you’d better jump on this quickly to make sure it comes in time, but how happy will your knitter be when they get to open a tiny door of happiness every day leading up to Christmas? (hint: very happy). See, for example, here or here  

A yarn advent calendar is a super gift for a knitter


9. Yarn Sampler Pack – if you’re brave enough to add to their stash, a sampler pack is a lovely indulgence for your knitter. A selection of colours that are curated to go together, the possibilities are endless for your knitter. has a great selection in every price range.


Sampler packs of yarn make beautiful gifts for knitters

10. A great mug – many knitters get through life with coffee or tea by their side. Get them a great cup (hey, go all out and add some tea or cocoa packages in with it), and they’ll think of you all year long. Etsy is again your friend on your search to find something just right for your knitter.

Knitting-related accessories, like mugs, also make great gifts!


So there are 10 great gift ideas for the knitter in your life. Did I miss one? I probably missed several 😉 Let me know in the comments what you’re hoping to get this Christmas!

Pinnable photo - Gifts for Knitters guide
Call for Testers: Barents Hat and Cowl Set

Barents Hat & Cowl

This summer I was accepted as a Yarn Ambassador from The Fibre Co., for which they sent me four skeins of delicious Tundra yarn in their new colours. I had never used Tundra before, but immediately fell in love with the soft and airy texture of this bulky weight yarn. I immediately knew that I wanted to create something I could cuddle up in, and keep close to my skin. It took a few tries, but I finally created a cowl that is soft, cozy and so very warm! It is inspired by the colorway names themselves (Blue Lagoon and Barents Sea) – the stitch pattern reminds me of waves in a choppy and icy sea, and the colors complement that perfectly.

Because of the high percentage of baby alpaca and the bit of silk in this yarn, it is quite drapey (and so soft!). I’ve used a tighter gauge than recommended to create a cowl with some structure to it. I also finish the cowl off with ribbing that is designed to tuck inside for a 2-layer cowl design that helps to show off the stitch pattern on the outside of the cowl, and helps keep it close to your neck for extra warmth (a must in our Canadian winters!).

The hat uses the same stitch pattern, and has a slight slouch. It’s quite warm due to the fibre content of the Tundra yarn, despite it’s somewhat lacy appearance.

Cowl design

This hat and cowl set is nearly ready for testing. It will be tech edited before you receive it to ensure a mostly painless testing experience. This set is a quick knit perfect for last-minute gifts as it’s knit in a bulky weight yarn. I used The Fibre Co.’s Tundra yarn, and I can’t recommend it enough. It is soft and luscious (a blend of baby alpaca, merino and silk is hard to beat!), and I absolutely love their commitment to sustainable and ethical processes throughout their creation process. I recommend using Tundra if you can get it, but I understand that’s not always possible – just let me know what yarn you plan to use for the test knit!

If you’re interested in testing, just send me a message to and tell me about yourself! In particular, let me know what if you would like to make the hat and/or the cowl, and leave your social media links (including Ravelry) so I can say hello and see what you’re up to!

picture of Sarah wearing the Barents Cowl



  • Testers chosen Nov 26, 2017.
  • You will receive the pattern Nov 27, 2017.
  •  Test knit is due Dec 11, 2017.


Needles Required:


  • Size US 7 (4.5 mm) 24” (60cm) circular needles


  • Size US10 (6mm) 16” (40cm) circular needles
  • Size US10 (6mm) Set of 5 Double Pointed Needles (or a longer circular to use the Magic Loop method)


Yarn Required: 

note: in the samples shown, the Main Colour (MC), and Contrasting Colour (CC) are reversed in the hat and the cowl.


  • Main Colour:  approx 120 yards bulky weight yarn.
  • Contrast Colour: approximately 60 yards bulky weight yarn.


  • Main Colour: approximately 87 yards of bulky weight yarn
  • Contrast Colour: approximately 22 yards of bulky weight yarn

Barents hat

Requirements for testers:
  • Let me know what yarn you will be using for the test.
  • Specify if you would prefer to test the hat or the cowl.
  • Provide a progress update once a week in the testing thread on Facebook.
  • Create a Ravelry project page for the test knit.
  •  Give feedback on the pattern and knitting experience, and if tutorials or extra features would be helpful (super important!).
  •  Only sign up if you can meet the deadline!


  •  You will be given a copy of both the hat and cowl final patterns upon release.
  • You will also receive a coupon code allowing you to download an additional pattern from my Ravelry store once your project is linked to the pattern (once pattern is published). This code won’t expire.