Unicorn Hats for Testing

These adorable unicorn hats are nearly reading for testing. It’s a very simple beanie, made with super bulky yarn,  then embellished  with ears,  eyes, a horn, and a mane. It should only take a few hours to make. I need testers for all sizes from infant to adult!

If you’re interested in testing, just send me a message to Sarah@KnitaBitofWhimsy.com and tell me about yourself! In particular, let me know what size of hat you would like to make, and leave your social media links (including Ravelry) so I can check out your work 🙂


▪ You will receive the pattern on (or before!) September 8.
▪ Test knit is due Sept 30.


▪ Size 15 (10mm) 16” (40cm) circulars, or size needed to obtain gauge.
▪ Size 13 (9mm) 16” (40cm) circulars, or size needed to obtain gauge.
▪ Set of 4 DPNs in size 15 (optional).
▪ Set of 4 DPNs in size 11 (8mm) for horn.


▪ Between 4.6 oz/130 grams (33 yards/30 meters) – 7 oz/200 grams (50 yards/46 meters) super bulky yarn
I used “Unicorn Tails” available from Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works (https://sarahelizabethfibreworks.com/), however any super bulky yarn will work!
▪ Approximately 32 yards (30 meters) of worsted weight yarn for the mane and tail. I used cotton for the rainbow mane, a random acrylic for the white mane. This is a great spot to use up some scraps!
▪ Up to 5 yards (4.5 meters) bulky yarn in yellow/gold or preferred colour for horn. Pictured is Charisma by Loops & Threads.
▪ Scraps of black yarn for the eyes (or black, white, and an accent colour for the open eyes). Feel free to make any eyes you’d like!


▪ Show an image of yarn you intend to use! (Or at least provide the yarn info for the test).
▪ Provide an progress update once a week in the testing thread on Ravelry.
▪ Give feedback on the knitting experience and what tutorials + extra features you would like to see with the pattern (super important!).
▪ Only sign up if you can meet the deadline!


▪ You will be given a copy of the final pattern upon release.
▪ This is my first pattern, but you will also receive a coupon code allowing you to download an additional pattern from my Ravelry store. I have a few patterns I plan to get out before Christmas. This code won’t expire 🙂

Three things …

Hi there! I’m so glad you could join my in my inaugural blog post. I was having trouble coming up with what to write, so I thought first things first: introductions!

My About page, Etsy page, etc, all have the major details: I’m a knitter, I sell my items on Etsy, but now I’m gonna be a pattern designer! (Haha, that makes me feel like a small town girl showing up in LA to become an actress. I AM from a very small town, so it might be accurate… ). Here are a few things you might not have heard yet.

3 things you might not know about me:
  1. I have a MSc (and 2 years of a PhD!) in Psychology, but quit because I decided I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life working evenings and weekends as a professor. I didn’t have a plan in place, but we decided to move back to our home province (closer to family), and figure things out … 5 years later, here I am!
  2. I have 2 kids (my daughter is 7, and my son is 5), and just went from no pets to getting a puppy and a kitten almost at the same time. Apparently I had been feeling too relaxed, so had to increase my level of responsibility exponentially.
  3. I’m a Pisces, a Dreamer Fibre Muse, and an Innocent Archetype. That means I’ve got more ideas roaming around in my head than I can ever get down on paper; I’m messy, my husband thinks I’m crazy, and I love creating things! At the same time I crave safety, simplicity and natural products. Sometimes it all works well together 😉


So that’s me! What about you? Care to play along? Or hey, go take one of the tests I linked to above, and tell me what your archetype or fibre muse personality is 🙂