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Iā€™m Sarah: a knitter, mom, coffee addict, wine drinker, and nature lover. And a knitwear designer in my spare time šŸ˜‰ When I’m not curled up knitting or reading with a cup of black coffee, you’ll often find me playing with my horses and family in our small town in British Columbia, Canada.

I’m passionate about slowing down our “Fast Fashion” culture, and encouraging people to buy or create wardrobe pieces that will last for years. I hope the knitting patterns you find here will express your personality, while still being timeless pieces that won’t feel out of style after a season!

My designs are inspired by nature, slow living, and my crazy kids. The unicorn hat pattern was dictated inspired by my daughter (5 at the time), who had very specific instructions on how she wanted it to look. She later ordered coordinating slippers (she was 7) that you can check out on Instagram. My kids love colorful and whimsical pieces that show off their personalities ā€“ unicorns and rainbows for my daughter, and bright, bold colors for my son.

Signed "Sarah" with a heart.
A woman with dark brown hair and long bangs looks over her glasses at a particularly large ball of handspun yarn. It is approximately as large as her head!

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All my knitting patterns are test knit before they are released. This helps me ensure the patterns are the best they can be – easy to follow with helpful tutorials and (hopefully) no mistakes! A group of test knitters of all abilities is a great asset. You don’t need to be an expert to help – beginners catch different mistakes than experts do šŸ™‚

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